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The Review of Politics publishes articles primarily on political theory. We also publish historical and interpretive studies of public law, comparative politics, international relations, and public policy, as well as political readings of literary works.

Current Issue

Volume 83:1 Winter 2021

Books Reviewed

John G. Gunnell, Conventional Realism and Political Inquiry: Channeling Wittgenstein

Paul Ludwig, Rediscovering Political Friendship: Aristotle’s Theory and Modern Identity, Community, and Equality

Gerald M. Mara, Between Specters of War and Visions of Peace: Dialogic Political Theory and the Challenges of Politics

Alasia Nuti, Injustice and the Reproduction of History: Structural Inequalities, Gender and Redress

Tracy B. Strong, Learning One’s Native Tongue: Citizenship, Contestation, and Conflict in America

 and more . . .

Forthcoming in the Next Issue 

Christine Basil, "Justice Speaks: Nemesis, Nature, and Common Law in Aristotle’s Rhetoric"

Matthew Sharpe, “On Politics, Irony, and Plato’s Socrates as Derrida’s Pharmakon”

Samuel Zeitlin, “Francis Bacon on Imperial and Colonial Warfare”

Nathan Pippenger, “The Shadows of the Past and the Work of the Future: Frederick Douglass’s Temporal Theory of Democracy”

Alexander Latham-Gambi, “Jeremy Waldron and the Circumstances of Politics”

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