The Review of Politics

The Review of Politics publishes articles primarily on political theory. We also publish historical and interpretive studies of public law, comparative politics, international relations, and public policy, as well as political readings of literary works.


Volume 81 • Number 2 • Spring 2019


Upcoming Issue

Volume 81 • Number 3 • Summer 2019

Zhuoyao Li, Political Confucianism and Multivariate Democracy in East Asia


Boris Litvin, Staging Emile: Audience and Genre in Collective Self-Legislation


Aaron Maltais, Jonas Hultin Rosenberg, and Ludvig Beckman, The Demos and Its Critics


Catherine Power, The Figural Jew and Political Thought in the Marquis d’Argens’ Lettres juives


Paul Sagar, Liberty, Nondomination, Markets