Articles - Volume 79

Mihaela Czobor-Lupp, “Herder on the Emancipatory Power of Religion and Religious Education”

Christopher Fear, "William E. Connolly’s Politics of Complexity:  A Critique"

James W. Guest II, "Justice as Lawfulness and Equity as a Virtue in Aristotle’s Nicomanchean Ethics"

J. Matthew Hoye, "Obligation and Sovereign Virtue in Hobbes’s Leviathan"

Joel Johnson, “A Novel Twist to Tocqueville: Competing Visions of Democracy in Parrot and Olivier in America

Sungmoon Kim, “Confucian Humanitarian Intervention? Toward Democratic Theory”

Andrew Koppelman, “Why Rawls Can’t Support Liberal Neutrality:  The Case of Special Treatment for Religion”

Hina Nazar, “Locke, Education, and ‘Disciplinary Liberalism’”

Shmuel Nili, "Democratic Theory, the Boundary Problem, and Global Reform"

Sharon Stanley, "John Stuart Mill, Children’s Liberty, and the Unraveling of Autonomy"


Book Reviews - Volume 79

Lawrie Balfour, Review of Rogers M. Smith’s Political Peoplehood: The Role of Values, Interests, and Identities 

Sotirios A. Barber, Review of Clement Fatovic’s America’s Founding and the Struggle over Economic Inequality

Marian Barnes, Review of Daniel Engster’s Justice, Care and the Welfare State

Paola Bernardini, Review of Bettina Koch’s Patterns of Legitimizing Violence in Transcultural Perspectives: Islamic and Christian Traditions and Legacies

Jeffrey A. Bernstein, Review of Alexander S. Duff’s Heidegger and Politics: The Ontology of Radical Discontent

Jason Blakely, Review of Evaldas Nekrašas’s The Positive Mind: Its Development and Impact on Modernity and Postmodernity

David Bolotin, Review of Dustin Sebell’s The Socratic Turn: Knowledge of Good and Evil in an Age of Science

Mark E. Button, Review of Mark Garrett Longaker’s Rhetorical Style and Bourgeois Virtue: Capitalism and Civil Society in the British Enlightenment

Bidyut Chakrabarty, Review of Ajay Skaria’s Unconditional Equality: Gandhi’s Religion of Resistance

Elizabeth Corey, Review of Luke Philip Plotica’s Michael Oakeshott and the Conversation of Modern Political Thought

Aurelian Craiutu, Review of Biancamaria Fontana’s Germaine de Staël: A Political Portrait

Martin K. Dimitrov, Review of Aviezer Tucker’s The Legacies of Totalitarianism: A Theoretical Approach

Alexander S. Duff, Review of David E. Storey’s Naturalizing Heidegger: His Confrontation with Nietzsche, his Contributions to Environmental Philosophy

Clement Fatovic, Review of Robert Lamb’s Thomas Paine and the Idea of Human Rights

Cary Federman, Review of Arthur Shuster’s Punishment and the History of Political Philosophy

Kathy E. Ferguson, Review of Ruth Kinna’s Kropotkin: Reviewing the Classical Anarchist Tradition

Simon Gilhooley, Review of Carson Holloway’s Hamilton versus Jefferson in the Washington Administration: Completing the Founding or Betraying the Founding?

Kimberly Hutchings, Review of Dustin Ellis Howes’s Freedom Without Violence: Resisting the Western Political Tradition

Slavica Jakelić, Review of Pierre Manent’s Beyond Radical Secularism: How France and the Christian West Should Respond to the Islamic Challenge

Michael S. Kochin, Review of Jeffrey A. Bernstein’s Leo Strauss on the Borders of Judaism, Philosophy, and History

Robert L'Arrivee, Review of Charles E. Butterworth’s Translation of Alfarabi’s Political Regime and Summary of Plato’s Laws in The Political Writings Volume II

David LaRocca, Review of Robert Sinnerbrink’s Cinematic Ethics: Exploring Ethical Experience Through Film

Jacob T. Levy, Review of Jeremy Waldron’s Political Political Theory: Essays on Institutions

Susan J. McWilliams, Review of Jonathan McKenzie’s The Political Thought of Henry David Thoreau: Privatism and the Practice of Philosophy

Steven P. Millies, Review of David L. Schindler and Nicholas J. Healy, Jr.’s Freedom, Truth, and Human Dignity: The Second Vatican Council’s Declaration on Religious Freedom

Vincent Phillip Muñoz, Review of John Agresto’s Rediscovering America: Liberty, Equality, and the Crisis of Democracy

Cary J. Nederman, Review of Francis Oakley’s The Watershed of Modern Politics: Law, Virtue, Kingship, and Consent (1300-1650)

Blain Neufeld, Review of Martin D. Carcieri’s Applying Rawls in the Twenty-First Century: Race, Gender, the Drug War, and the Right to Die

Gladden J. Pappin, Review of Brian Tierney’s Liberty and Law: The Idea of Permissive Natural Law 1100-1800

Heather Pincock, Review of Steven Johnston’s American Dionysia: Violence, Tragedy, and Democratic Politics and John Medearis’s Why Democracy Is Oppositional

Manjeet Ramgotra, Review of Frederick Neuhouser’s Rousseau’s Critique of Inequality: Reconstructing the Second Discourse

John T. Scott, Review of Robin Douglass’s Rousseau & Hobbes: Nature, Free Will & the Passions

S. Adam Seagrave, Review of Giorgi Areshidze’s Democratic Religion from Locke to Obama: Faith and the Civic Life of Democracy

Doh C. Shin, Review of Loubna El Amine’s Classical Confucian Political Thought: A New Interpretation

Jason A. Springs, Review of Elizabeth Shakman Hurd’s Beyond Religious Freedom: The New Global Politics of Religion

Christina Tarnopolsky, Review of James L. Kastely’s The Rhetoric of Plato’s Republic: Democracy and the Philosophical Problem of Persuasion 

Natalie Fuehrer Taylor, Review of Michael Keren’s Politics and Literature at the Turn of the Millennium

Charlotte Thomas, Review of Richard F. Hassing’s Cartesian Psychophysics and the Whole Nature of Man

Mary Walsh, Review of Judith Butler’s Notes Toward a Performative Theory of Assembly