Articles - Volume 75

75th Anniversary Issue & Special Issue: Machiavelli's Prince

Baltes, John, "Locke's Inverted Quarantine: Discipline, Panopticism, and the Making of the Liberal Subject"

Blakely, Jason, "Returning to the Interpretive Turn:  Charles Taylor and His Critics"

Brady, Michelle E., "Locke's Thoughts on Reputation"

Connell, William J., "Dating The Prince:  Beginnings and Endings"

Culp, Jonathan, "Justice, Happiness, and the Sensible Knave: Hume's Incomplete Defense of the Just Life"

Donath, Christian R., "Liberal Art: Art and Education for Citizenship in Kant's Critique of Judgment"

Field, Laura, K., "The Philosopher Doth Protest Too Much: Rousseauian Enlightenment and the Rhetoric of Despair"

Giorgini, Giovanni, "Five Hundred Years of Italian Scholarship on Machiavelli's Prince"

Gontier, Thierry, "From Political Theology to Political Religion: Eric Voegelin and Carl Schmitt"

Kahn, Victoria, "Revisiting Agathocles"

McLendon, Michael Locke, "The Politics of Sour Grapes: Sartre, Elster, and Tocqueville on Frustration, Failure, and Self-Deception"

Mansfield, Harvey, "Strauss on The Prince"

Moran, Dennis WM, "Seventy-Five Years"

Najemy, John M., "Machiavelli and Cesare Borgia"

Parel, Anthony, "Farewell to Fortune"

Plotica, Luke Philip, "This is simply What I Do: Wittgenstein and Oakeshott on the Practices of Individual Agency"

Sigwart, Hans-Jörg, "The Logic of Legitimacy:  Ethics in Political Realism"

Sullivan, Vickie, "Alexander the Great as 'Lord of Asia' and Rome as His Successor in Machiavelli's Prince"

Tarcov, Nathan, "Belief and Opinion in Machiavelli's Prince"

Vatter, Miguel, "Machiavelli and the Republican Conception of Providence"

Winkelman, Joel, "A Working Democracy:  Jane Addams on the Meaning of Work"

Zakaras, Alex, "A Liberal Pluralism: Isaiah Berlin and John Stuart Mill, with responses by William Galston and George Crowder

Zuckert, Catherine "Machiavelli's Prince—500 Years"

Review Essays - Volume 75

Gibson, Alan, Taking the Measure of Madison 

Sterba, James P., Three Unrelated Views of Punishment 

Book Reviews - Volume 75

Aranson, Johan P., Religion in Human Evolution (Robert Bellah)

Baker, Houston A., Charisma and the Fictions of Black Leadership (Erica R. Edwards)

Barlow, Jackson J., A Written Republic: Cicero’s Philosophical Politics (Yelena Baraz)

Blenkinsopp, Joseph, In God’s Shadow, Politics in the Hebrew Bible (Michael Walzer)

Burns, Daniel, Kantian Courage (Nicholas Tampio)

Burt, Kenneth, California Crucible: The Forging of Modern American Liberalism (Jonathan Bell)

Bushnell, John, Secularism Soviet Style, Teaching ATheism and Religion in a Volga Republic (Sonja Leuhrmann)

Caspersen, Nina, Nationalism and the Moral Psychology of Community (Bernard Yack)

Chen, Albert H.Y., Confucianism and Democratization in East Asia (Doh Chull Shin)

Corey, Paul, The Kingdom Suffereth Violence: The Machiavelli/Erasmus/More Correspondence and Other Unpublished Documents Trans. Paul J. Archambault (Philippe Beneton)

Collins, Susan D., Aristotle's "Politics" Living Well and Living Together (Eugene Garver)

Day, Christopher The Postcolonial State in Africa:  Fifty Years of Independence (Crawford Young)

Dayley, Robert, Thailand's Political Peasants:  Power in the Modern Rural Economy (Andrew Walker)

Der Matossian, Bedross, Revolution and Constitutionalism in the Ottoman Empire and Iran (Nader Sohrabi)

Dubnov, Arie M., The Political Philosophy of Zionism:  Trading Jewish Words for an Hebraic Land (Eyal Chowers)

Duff, Alexander S., Politics Without Vision: Thinking Without a Bannister in the Twentieth Century (Tracy B. Strong)

Dukalskis, Alexander, External Intervention and the Politics of State Formation:  China, Indonesia, and Thailand (Ja Ian Chong)

Edwards, Phil, Anatomy of the Red Brigades (Alessandro Orsini)

Fox, Russell Arben, Herder's Political Thought:  A Study of Language, Culture, and Community (Vickie Spencer)

Frankel, Steven, Maimonides vs. Spinoza: Their Conflicting View of Human Nature (Joshua Parens)

Graber, Mark A., Free Market Fairness (John Tomassi)

Grenda, Christoper S., Sacred Discourse and American Nationality (Eldon J. EIsenach)

Griech-Polelle, Beth Ann, Mussolini, and the Vatican (Emma Fattorini)

Haas, Mark L., Why Niebuhr Matters (Charles Lemert)

Harriger, Katy J., Nixon’s Court: His Challenge to Judicial Liberalism and Its Political Consequences (Kevin J. McMahon)

Honig, Bonnie, The Politics of Tragedy and Democratic Citizenship (Robert C. Pirro)

Horne, John, D., Transpacific Field of Dreams:  How Baseball Linked the United States and Japan in Peace and War (Sayuri Guthrie-Shimizu)

Howland, Jacob, Plato, Aristotle, and the Purpose of Politics (Kevin Cherry)

Hui, Victoria, The Everlasting Empire: The Political Culture of Ancient China and Its Imperial Legacy (Yuri Pines)

Katz, Claudio J., As Free and as Just as Possible:  The Theory of Marxian Liberalism (Jeffrey Reiman)

Knott, Stephen, The Cuban Missile Crisis in American Memory:  Myths Versus Reality (Sheldon M. Stern)

Korb, Lawrence, Rush to Judgment: George W. Bush, the War on Terror, and His Critics (Stephen F. Knott)

Kraynack, Robert P., The Religious Beliefs of America's Founders:  Reason, Revelation, and Revolution (Gregg L. Frazer)

Krebs, Edward, Daoism and Anarchism:  Critiques of State Autonomy in Ancient and Modern China (John A. Rapp)

Leibiger, Stuart, Roger Sherman and the Creation of the American Republic (Mark David Hall)

Lester, Emile, Freedom of Religion and the Secular State (Russell Blackford)

Lin, Sylvia, Tiananmen Fiction Outside the Square: The Chinese Literary Diaspora and the Politics of Global Culture (Belinda Kong)

Marullo, Thomas Gaiton, The Suppression of Philosophy in the USSR The 1920's and 1930's (Trans. By Frederick S. Choate)

Maskivker, Julia, Democratic Reason:  Politics, Collective Intelligence, and the Rule of the Many (Helene Landemore)

Michaels, Jeffrey, Spirits of the Cold War: Contesting Worldviews in the Classical Age of American Security Strategy (Ned O’Gorman)

Minkov, Svetozar, The Archeology of the Soul:  Platonic Readings of Ancient Poetry and Philosophy (Seth Benardete)

Molloy, Sean P., The Vietnam War Debate: Hans J. Morgenthau and the Attempt to Halt the Drift into Disaster (Louis B. Zimmer)

Moschella, Melissa, Thieves of Virtue:  When Bioethics Stole Medicine (Tom Koch)

Nelson, Alissa Jones, In the Whirlwind: God and Humanity in Conflict (Robert A. Burt)

Nielsen, Cynthia R., The Political Thought of Frederick Douglass: In Pursuit of American Liberty (Nicholas Buccola)

Nili, Shmuel, Global Justice and Avant-Garde Political Agency (Lea Ypi)

Nylan, Michael, China: The Political Philosophy of the Middle Kingdom (Tongdong BAI)

Obydenkova, Anastassia, Popular Support for an Undemocratic Regime: The Changing Views of Russians (Richard Rose, William Mishler, and Neil Munro)

Rauta, Vladimir, Eating Grass:  The Making of the Pakistani Bomb (Feroz Hassan Khan)

Read, James H., Reflections on Alavery and teh Constitution ( George Anastaplo)

Ross, Ronald, J., Fighting for the Soul of Germany:  The Catholic Struggle for Inclusion after Unification (Rebecca Ayako Bennette)

Savage, Sean, The Rise of the President’s Permanent Campaign (Brendan J. Doherty)

Schrems, John J., The Transformation of the American Democratic Republic (Stephen M. Krason)

Shain, Barry, The Founding Fathers v. The People: Paradoxes of American Democracy (Anthony King)

Shogimen, Takashi, The Differentiation of Authority: The Medieval Turn Toward Existence (James Greenaway)

Smant, Kevin, Takeover: How the Left's Quest for Social Justice Corrupted Liberalism (Donald T. Critchlow and W.J. Rorabaugh)

Smith, Troy E., The Political Philosophy of Alexander Hamilton (Michael P. Federici)

Snyder, Robert S., Explaining the Iraq War: Counterfactual Theory, Logic and Evidence (Frank P. Harvey)

Taylor, Natalie, The Invisible Hand in Popular Culture:  Liberty vs. Authority in American Film and TV (Paul A. Cantor)

Tkach, David, States of War: Enlightenment Origins of the Political (David William Bates)

Turner, Brandon, Imperial Republics: Revolution, War, and Territorial Expansion from the English Civil War to the French Revolution (Edward G. Andrew)

Walker, Kevin D., Limited Government and the Bill of Rights (Patrick M. Garry)

Whittington, Keith E., The Upside-Down Constitution (Michael S. Greve)

Winger, Stewart, Lincoln and the Triumph of the Nation: Constitutional Conflict in the American Civil War (Mark E. Neely, Jr.)

Wrage, Stephen, Arms and the University: Military Presence and the Civic Education of Non-Military Students (Donald Alexander Down and Llia Murtazashvili)

Young, Shaun, Rawlsian Political Analysis:  Rethinking the Microfoundations of Social Science (Paul Clements)

Ziring, Lawrence, When Victory Is Not an Option: Islamist Movements in Arab Politics (Nathan J. Brown)