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The Review of Politics publishes high-quality original research that advances scholarly debates in all areas of political theory. We welcome manuscripts on the history of political thought, analytical political theory, canonical political thought, contemporary political thought, comparative political thought, critical theory, or literature and political thought. 

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Volume 84:3 Summer 2022              



Elena Ziliotti (Open Access)  open lock icon
Questions for Hierarchical Confucianism

Jason S. Canon
Three General Wills in Rousseau

Catherine Talley
Sentiment and the Contradiction of Racial Inequality in Beaumont's Marie or, Slavery in the United States

Peter J. Verovšek
The Reluctant Postmodernism of Jürgen Habermas: Reevaluating Habermas's Debates with Foucault and Derrida

Gregory A. MacBrayer
Review Essay:  Xenophon as Philosopher

Symposium on Katrina Forrester's In the Shadow of Justice: Postwar Liberalism and the Remaking of Political Philosophy

Katrina Forrester, Introduction

Jason Frank, The Specter of Liberal Egalitarianism (Open Access) open lock icon

Alyssa Battistoni, What else Could Political Thought Do?

Murad Idris, Philosophy in Light of In the Shadow of Justice (Open Access)  open lock icon

Erin Pineda, What Comes After Rawlsianism?

Katrina Forrester, Response