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Special Issue Part II of The Crowd in the History of Political Thought: A Symposium on Populism

Volume 85:4 Fall 2023


S. N. Jaffe and Guillermo Graíño Ferrer
Introduction: The Crowd in the History of Political Thought—Visions of the People

Lars Rensmann (Open Access) open lock icon
Illusions of Sovereignty: Understanding Populist Crowds with Hannah Arendt

Luc Foisneau (Open Access) open lock icon
The Hobbesian Crowd Problem

Montserrat Herrero (Open Access) open lock icon
Carl Schmitt on the Transformations of the People in Modernity

Eva Piirimäe  (Open Access) open lock icon
Herder on the Self-Determination of Peoples

Carlo Altini (Open Access) open lock icon
The Crowd, the People, and the Philosopher in Spinoza’s Political Philosophy

A Symposium on Michael Rosen’s The Shadow of God: Kant, Hegel, and the Passage from Heaven to History

Michael Rosen

Shterna Friedman
What Is the Core of German Idealist Freedom?

Tae-Yeoun Keum (Open Access) open lock icon
Cultural Change and Philosophy

Teresa M. Bejan 
Religion, Politics, and Historical Approaches to Philosophy

Charles Taylor (Open Access) open lock icon
Ethical Growth in History: Good News and Bad

Michael Rosen
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