About ROP

Founded in 1939 by Waldemar Gurian, The Review of Politics has published articles by authors as distinguished and diverse as Hannah Arendt, John Kenneth Galbraith, Jacques Maritain, Yves R. Simon, Talcott Parsons, Clinton Rossiter, Edward Shils, Leo Strauss and Eric Voegelin.

In The Review of Politics we publish primarily articles on political theory. We also publish historical and interpretive studies of public law, comparative politics, international relations and public policy, however; we are particularly interested in political readings of literary works. Like other journals, we would most like to publish path-breaking pieces. We are very happy, however, to accept articles which make significant contributions to on-going debates.

Some of the first essays advocating "realism" were published in The Review, as well as articles from its opponents in international relations; both perspectives are accepted parts of the journal's coverage.