Congratulations to our authors of the Top 10 monthly downloads for more than four months in 2023.

Author: Kelli Brown

#Open Access Graphic

Samuel Garrett Zeitlin, University College London, Francis Bacon on Imperial and Colonial Warfare, 1401 downloads across 2023.

Elena Ziliotti, Delft University of Technology, Questions for Hierarchical Confucianism, 1343 downloads across 2023.

David Polansky, The Institute for Peace & Diplomacy, Populism and Democratic Conflict: An Aristotelian View, 1326 downloads across 2023.

Lee Ward, Baylor University, Trust and Distributive Justice in John Locke's Politics of Money, 1069 downloads across 2023.

Nazmul S. Sultan, The University of British Columbia, Moral Empire and the Global Meaning of Gandhi's Anti-imperialism, 952 downloads across 2023.

Lars Rensmann, University of Passau, Illusions of Sovereignty: Understanding Populist Crowds with Hannah Arendt, 804 downloads across 2023.

All of these articles have been published with Read and Publish agreements that allow authors at subscribing institutions to publish their articles open-access for free in ROP. There is more information on that here.

The full slate of the journal's open-access articles is here.