Articles - Volume 77

Naomi Choi, "Liberalism and the Interpretive Turn:  Rival Approaches or Cross-Purposes?"

Aurelian Craiutu, "Two Critical Spectators:  José Ortega y Gasset and Raymond Aron"

George Crowder, Scholarly Exchange "Why We Need Positive Liberty"

Brian Danoff, "Lincoln and the Necessity of Tolerating Slavery before the Civil War"

Natalie Elliot, "The Politics of Life Extension in Francis Bacon's Wisdom of the Ancients"

Blake Emerson, "The Democratic Reconstruction of the Hegelian State in American Progressive Political Thought"

Miriam Galston, "The Puzzle of Alfarabi's Parallel Works"

Gina Gustavsson, "Reply to George Crowder"

Shannon Hoff, "Locke and the Nature of Political Authority"

Sean Illing, "Between Nihilism and Transcendence:  Camus's Dialogue with Dostoevsky"

Rita Koganzon, "The Hostile Family and the Purpose of the "Natural Kingdom" in Hobbes's Political Thought"

David Lebow, "Caro's Lives Comparative Biography as Political Theory"

Luke MacInnis, "Two Concepts of Monism: Axiomatic and Asymptotic"

Thomas Merrill, "Hume's Socratism"

Dale E. Miller, "The Place of Plural Voting in Mill's Conception of Representative Government"

Alexander I. Orwin, "Democracy under the Caliphs:  Alfarabi's Unusual Understanding of Popular Rule"

David Polansky, "Nietzsche on Thucydidean Realism"

Aaron B. Roberts, "Carl Schmitt–Political Theologian?"

Juliana Udi, "Locke and the Fundamental Right to Preservation:  On the Convergence of Charity and Property Rights"

George Vasilev, "The Uneasy Alliance between Consensus and Democracy"

Brendon Westler, "Two Critical Spectators:  José Ortega y Gasset and Raymond Aron"

Book Review Essays - Volume 77

Roundtable: Alasdair MacIntyre, William E. Connolly, Nancy LuxonMary G. Dietz, and Ruth Abbey on Mark Redhead’s Reasoning with Who We Are:  Democratic Theory for a Not So Liberal Era, with response by Mark Redhead

Alan Milchman and Alan Rosenberg, Michael Foucault's On The Government of the Living, Trans. Graham Burchell

Michael J. Perry, American Religious Freedom

Book Reviews - Volume 77

Ackerly, Brooke A., Interative Democracy:  The Social Roots of Global Justice (Carol Gould)

Adelman, Jeremy, The Burdens of Empire:  1539 to the Present (Anthony Pagden)

Alford, Fred C., New Demons:  Rethinking Power and Evil Today Trans. Zakiya Hanafi (Simona Forti)

Allen, Jonathan, The Bigot:  Why Prejudice Persists (Stephen Eric Bronner)

Allen Jonathan, Homo Economicus:  The Lost Prophet of Modern Times (Daniel Cohen)

Balot Ryan R., Cowardice:  A Brief History (Chris Walsh)

Birch, Kean, The Modern State Subverted:  Risk and the Deconstruction of Solidarity (Giuseppe di Palma)

Brady, Michelle, Locke, Science and Politics (Steven Forde)

Bradshaw, Leah, Inventing the Individual:  The origins of Western Liberalism (Larry Siedentop)

Block, Stephen A., Eros and Socratic Political Philosophy (David Levy)

Borck, Catherine A., Aristotle on the Nature of Community (Adriel M. Trott)

Buccola, Nicholas, The Politics of the American Dream (Cyril Ghosh)

Chambers, Simone, Agonistic Democracy:  Constituent Power in the Era of Globalization (Mark Wenman)

Clayville, Kristel, Foundations of the Earth:  Global Ecological Change and the Book of Job (H.H. Shugart)

Connell, William J., Machiavelli's Prince:  A New Reading (Erica Benner)

Craiutu, Aurelian, Passions, and Illusions:  The Democratic Imagination in the Twentieth Century (François Furet)

Dallmary, Fred, The Inner Enemies of Democracy Translated by Andrew Brown (Tzvetan Todorov)

Den Uyl, Douglas Socratic and Platonic Political Philosophy: Practicing a Politics of Reading (Christopher P. Long)

Devetak, Richard, An Introduction to the English School:  The Societal Approach (Barry Buzan)

Digeser, P.E. (Paige), Hannah Arendt and the Politics of Feindship (Jon Nixon)

Douthwaite, Julia, Revolutionary Ideas:  An Intellectual History of the French Revolution from the Rights of Man to Robespierre (Jonathan Israel)

Einspahr, Jennifer, Rousseau on Education, Freedom, and Judgment (Denise Schaeffer)

Elliott, Cathy, Democracy Disfigured:  Opinion, Truth, and the People (Nadia Urbinati)

Faulkner, Robert, Ambition in America:  Political Power and the Collapse of Citizenship (Jeffrey A. Becker)

Fischer, Markus, Wily Elites and Spirited Peoples in Machiavelli's Republicanism (David N. Levy)

Frank, Stephanie, The Future of Illusion:  Political Theology and Early Modern Texts (Victoria Kahn)

Gontier, Thierry, The Mighty and the Almighty An Essay in Political Theology (Nicholas Wolterstorff's)

Ghosh, Cyril, The Civic Constitution:  Civic Visions and Struggles in the Path Toward Constitutional Democracy (Elizabeth Beaumont)

Gunther-Canada, Wendy, Women's Rights and the French Revolution:  A biography of Olympe de Gouges (Sophie Mousset)

Havercroft, Jonathan, Social Inquiry AFter Wittgenstein and Kuhn: Leaving Everything As It Is (John G. Gunnell)

Johnston, Steven, Fugitive Rousseau:  Slavery, Primitivism, and Political Freedom (Jimmy Casas Klausen)

Laitinen, Arto, Freedom's Right:  The Social Foundations of Democratic Life (Axel Honneth)

Mara, Gerald, Virtue Is Knowledge:  The Moral Foundations of Socratic Political Philosophy (Lorraine Smith Pangle)

Markel, Patchen, Rightlessness in an Age of Rights:  Hanah Arendt and the Contemporary Struggles of Migrants (Ayten Gündoğdu)

Merritt, Martha, The Myth of the Strong Leader:  Political Leadership in Modern Age (Archie Brown)

Mewes, Horst, Leo Strauss:  Man of Peace (Robert Howse)

Myers, Peter C., The Foundations of Natural Morality:  On the Compatibility of Natural Rights and Natural Law (Adam Seagrave)

Newman, Michael, The End of Socialism (James R. Otteson)

Nicgorski, Walter, Cicero on Politics and the Limits of Reason:  The Republic and Laws (Jed W. Atkins)

Omer, Atalia, The Paradox of Liberation:  Secular Revolutions and Religious Counterrevolutions (Michael Walzer)

Ochoa Espejo, Paulina, Orgies of Feeling:  Melodrama and the Politics of Freedom (Elisabeth R. Anker)

Plotica, Luke Philip, The Place of Prejudice:  A Case for Reasoning within the World (Adam Adatto Sandel)

Reid, Brian Holden, The Embattled past:  Reflections on Military History (Edward M. Coffman)

Russello, Gerald J., Understanding Clarence Thomas:  THe Jurisprudence of Constitutional Restoration (Ralph A. Rossum)

Sakwa, Richard, The Other Solzhenitsyn:  Telling the Truth about a Misunderstood Writer and Thinker (Daniel J. Mahoney)

Schaefer, David, Philosophy Between the Lines:  The Lost History of Esoteric Writing (Arthur Melzer)

Schlosser, Joel Alden, Traveling Back:  Toward a Global Political Theory (Susan McWilliams)

Sebastián, Javier Fernández, A Virtue for Courageous Minds: Moderation in French Political Thought, 1748-1830 (Aurelian Craiutu)

Sharova, Natalie, Flawed Logics:  Strategic Nuclear Arms Control form Truman to Obama (James H. Lebovic) and Arguments that Count:  Physics, Computing and Missile Defense, 1949-2012 (Rebeccal Slayton)

Sherman, David, A Life Worth Living:  Albert Camus and the Quest for Meaning (Robert Zaretsky)

Sitter, John, The Intellectual Life of Edmund Burke (David Bromwich)

Sofka, James, Emperior of Liberty:  Thomas Jefferson's Foreign Policy ( Francis D. Cogliano)

Smith, Thomas W., Political Philosophy and Revelation:  A Catholic Reading (James V. Schall) 

Spinner-Halev, Jeff, Equal Recognition:  The Moral Foundations of Minority Rights (Alan Patten)

Szymanski, Ann-Marie, The Evangelical Origins of the Living Constitution (John W. Compton)

Trullinger, Joseph, Kant and the Meaning of Religion (Terry F. Godlove)

Walker, Brian Esparza, Democracy in Contemporary Confucian Philosophy (David Elstein)

Weaver, Alain Epp, Approaching the End:  Eschatological Reflections on Church, Politics, and Life (Stanley Hauerwas)