Articles - Volume 78

Teresa Bejan, “Difference without Disagreement: Rethinking Hobbes on Independency and Toleration”

Jan H. Blits, “Philosophy (and Athens) in Decay: Timon of Athens

Daniel E. Burns, "Alfarabi and the Creation of an Islamic Political Science"

Paul A. Cantor, “Reality Czech: Tom Stoppard Discovers Shakespeare behind the Iron Curtain”

Joshua L. Cherniss, “A Tempered Liberalism: Political Ethics and Ethos in Reinhold Niebuhr's Thought”

Conal Condren, “Skepticism and Political Constancy: Richard II and the Garden Scene as a ‘Model of State’”

John D. Cox, “Time and the Problem of Royal Succession in Shakespeare’s History Plays”

Andre´ Luiz Cruz Sousa, "Thoughts on Leo Strauss’s Interpretation of Aristotle’s Natural Right Teaching"

Michael Davis, "Plato’s Minos: The Soul of the Law"

George Duke, "The Distinctive Common Good"

Jeremy Fortier, "Nietzsche's Political Engagements: On the Relationship between Philosophy and Politics in The Wanderer and His Shadow"

Elizabeth Frazer, “Shakespeare’s Politics”

Stuart Gray, "Cross-Cultural Intelligibility and the Use of History: From Democracy and Liberalism to Indian Rajanical Thought"

Andrew Hadfield, “Shakespeare and Politics in the Time of the Gunpowder Plot

Christopher R. Hallenbrook, "Leviathan No More:  The Right of Nature and the Limits of Sovereignty in Hobbes"

Katy J. Harriger, "In Defense of Cooper v. Aaron: Distinguishing among Judicial Supremacy Claims"

Rafeeq Hasan, "Autonomy and Happiness in Rousseau’s Justification of the State"

Vickie Hsueh, “Intoxicated Reasons, Rational Feelings: Rethinking the Early Modern English Public Sphere”

Paulina Kewes, “‘To Order well the State’: The Bogus Rome of Titus Andronicus”

Jeffrey Knapp, “Hamlet and the Sovereignty of Reasons”

Sonia Sikka, “On Translating Religious Reasons: Rawls, Habermas, and the Quest for a Neutral Public Sphere”

Tim Spiekerman, "Ulysses Is Not the Hero of Troilus and Cressida"

John M. Warner and James R. Zink, “Therapeutic Politics: Rawls’s Respect for Rousseau”

Michael P. Zuckert, “‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’: Machiavelli, Macbeth and the Conquest of Fortuna”

Symposium on: Ronald Beiner's "Political Philosophy: What It Is and Why It Matters", with response by Ronald Beiner. Contributors: Robert Sparling, Leah Bradshaw, Edward Andrew, Daniel Tanguay, Simone Chambers, Emma Planinc, and Charles Blattberg

Book Review Essay - Volume 78

Elizabeth Frazer, "Violence and Civility"

John Alvis on Leon Craig’s “The Philosopher’s English King: Shakespeare’s Henriad

Book Reviews - Volume 78

Peter J. Ahrensdorf, Homer on the Gods & Human Virtue: Creating the Foundations of Classical Civilization (Stephen Dolgert)

Ashleen Menchaca-Bagnulo, Review of Alejandro Bárcenas’s Machiavelli’s Art of Politics 

Teresa M. Bejan, Review of J. Judd Owen’s Making Religion Safe for Democracy: Transformation from Hobbes to Tocqueville

Richard Boyd, Images of Anarchy: The Rhetoric and Science in Hobbes's State of Nature (Ioannis D. Evirgenis's)

Oliviero Angeli, Cosmopolitanism, Self-Determination and Territory: Justice with Borders (Clara Sandelind)

Amy R. Baehr, Public Rights, Private Relations (Jean Thomas)

Ronald Beiner, Review of Liisi Keedus’s The Crisis of German Historicism: The Early Political Thought of Hannah Arendt and Leo Strauss

Jan H. Blits’s The Heart of Rome: Ancient Rome’s Political Culture (Michelle T. Clarke)

Jordan Branch, The Cartographic State: Maps, Territory, and the Origins of Sovereignty (Clifford Ando)

Antonio Calcagno, Lived Experience from the Inside Out: Social and Political Philosophy in Edith Stein (Ann W. Astell)

Hilary Gatti, Ideas of Liberty in Early Modern Europe: From Machiavelli to Milton (Henry C. Clark)

Richard Dagger, Citizenship and the pursuit of the Worthy Life (David Thunder)

Daniel I. Harris, Nietzsche's Culture of Humanity: Beyond Aristocracy and Democracy in the early Period (Jeffrey Church)

Juliette Harkin and Rupert Read, Wittgenstein and the Study of Politics (Michael Temelini)

Celeste D. Harvey, Review of Frederick J. Crosson’s Ten Philosophical Essays in the Christian Tradition

Mark Hoipkemier, Review of Thomas J. Bushlack’s Politics for a Pilgrim Church: A Thomistic Theory of Civic Virtue

Michael J. Illuzzi, Review of Harry G. Frankfurt’s On Inequality

Eric T. Kasper and Troy A. Kozma’s Machiavelli Goes to the Movies: Understanding the Prince through Television and Film (Rebecca J. Flavin) 

Benjamin A. Kleinerman, The Mind of James Madison: The Legacy of Classical Republicanism (Colleen A. Sheehan)

Melissa Lane, The Birth of Politics: Eight Greek and Roman Political Ideas and Why They Matter (Tony Burns)

Jacob T. Levy, Rationalism, Pluralism, and Freedom (Carla Yumatle)

Charles W. Mills, Review of Stacy Clifford Simplican’s The Capactiy Contract:  Intellectual Disability and the Question of Citizenship

Alan L. Mittleman, Human Nature and Jewish Thought: Judaism’s Case for Why Humans Matter (Julie Cooper)

Johann N. Neem, Review of Armin Mattes’s Citizens of a Common Intellectual Homeland: The Transatlantic Origins of American Democracy and Nationhood

Mary P. Nichols, Thucydides and the Pursuit of Freedom (John Zumbrunnen)

Joe Turner, Movement and the Ordering of Freedom: On Liberal Governances of Mobility (Haga Kotef)

Rupert Read and Juliette Harkin, Wittgenstein and the Study of Politics (Michael Temelini)

M. Scott Solomon, Review of Alain Touraine’s After the Crisis and Zygmunt Bauman and Carlo Bordoni’s State of Crisis

Sharon Stanley, The Enlightenment: History of an Idea (Vincenzo Ferrone)

David Thunder, Review of George Rupp’s Beyond Individualism: The Challenge of Inclusive Communities

Peter Toohey, Courage in the Democratic Polis: Ideology and Critique in Classical Athens (Ryan K. Balot)

Lori Watson, Review of Stephen Macedo’s Just Married: Same-Sex Couples, Monogamy and the Future of Marriage