Articles Volume 80

Yann Allard-Tremblay, “The Modern and the Political Pluralist Perspectives on Political Authorities”

Faisal Baluch, "Machiavelli as Philosopher"

Chris Barker, "Dostoevsky and Education through Punishment"

Kevin M. Cherry, "A Series of Footnotes to Plato's Philosophers"

Jeffrey Church, "Three Arguments for the Philosophical Life"

Susan D. Collins, "In the Beginning:  The Socratic Turn in Plato's Philosophers:  The Coherence of the Dialogues"

Michael Davis, "On the Coherence of Plato's Philosophers"

Alexander S. Duff, "Machiavelli and the Contestable Surface:  Zuckert and Strauss"

Kevin Duong, “The Demands of Glory:  Tocqueville and Terror in Algeria”

Michael Allen Gillespie, "The Question of the Examined Life"

Mary M. Keys, "Introduction to Special Issue Honoring Catherine H. Zuckert"

Robert P. Kraynak, “The Origins of ‘Social Justice’ in the Natural Law Philosophy of Antonio Rosmini”

Michael Lamb, "Beyond Pessimism:  A Structure of Encouragement in Augustine's City of God"

Adrian Little, “Contextualizing Concepts:  The Methodology of Comparative Political Theory”

Clifton Mark, "The Natural Laws of Good manners: Hobbes, Glory, and Early Modern Civility"

David K. O'Connor, "What Is First Philosophy? An Appreciation of Catherine Zuckert, Postmodern Platos"

Sophie Marcotte-Chenard, “What Can We Learn from Political History? Leo Strauss and Raymond Aron, Readers of Thucydides”

Lorraine Smith Pangle, "The Anatomy of Courage in Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics"

Eduardo Schmidt Passos, "The Blood of the Martyrs: Erik Peterson’s Theology of Martyrdom and Carl Schmitt’s Political Theology of Sovereignty"

Ahmed Ali Siddiqi, "Political Rationalism and the Theological Alternative in Alfarabi's Book of Religion"

Dana Jalbert Stauffer, "The Most Common Sickness of Our Time”:  Tocqueville on Democratic Restlessness"


Vickie B. Sullivan, "Catherine Zuckert on Machiavelli's New Understanding of Politics"


Mathias Thaler, “Reconciliation through Estrangement”


Dorina Verli, "Reforming Democracy:  Constitutional Crisis and Rousseau’s Advice to Geneva"


Catherine H. Zuckert, "Response to Contributors"


Michael Zuckert, "Catherine Zuckert on Politics and Literature"

Book Review Essay Volume 80

Teresa M. Bejan, “Recent Work on Toleration”

William Selinger, "The Forgotten Philosopher:  A Review Essay on Richard McKeon"

Catherine H. Zuckert, "What is Human?"


Alexander Duff, Ryan Balot, Roslyn Weiss, Waller Newell, and Paul Stern, on Robert Bartlett’s Sophistry and Political Philosophy: Protagoras’ Challenge to Socrates, with a response by Robert Bartlett, and Simone Chambers, on Teresa M. Bejan’s Mere Civility: Disagreement and the Limits of Toleration with a response by Teresa M. Bejan

Taylor Putnam, Jacob T. Levy, Melissa S. Williams, Zachariah Black, Paul Downes, Marc Hanvelt

Book Reviews

Wendy A. Bach, Review of Khiara M. Bridges’s The Poverty of Privacy Rights 


Sotirios A. Barber, Review of John Corvino, Ryan T. Anderson, and Sherif Girgis’s Debating Religious Freedom and Discrimination


Antony Black, Review of Stuart Gray’s A Defense of Rule: Origins of Political Thought in Greece and India


Jan H. Blits, Review of Paul A. Cantor’s Shakespeare’s Roman Trilogy: The Twilight of the Ancient World and Shakespeare’s Rome: Republic and Empire


Mark Blitz, Review of Richard L. Velkley’s Leo Strauss: On Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra


Bruce Baum, Review of Juliet Hooker’s Theorizing Race in the Americas:  Douglass, Sarmiento, Du Bois, and Vasconcelos and Sharon A. Stanley’s An Impossible Dream? Racial Integration in the United States


Alex Callinicos, Review of William Clare Roberts’s Marx’s Inferno: The Political Theory of Capital


Paolo Carozza, Review of Samuel Moyn’s Christian Human Rights


Simone Chambers, Review of Jeffrey Edward Green’s The Shadow of Unfairness: A Plebeian Theory of Liberal Democracy and Ali Aslam’s Ordinary Democracy: Sovereignty and Citizenship Beyond the Neoliberal Impasse


David Ciepley, Review of Noah Dauber’s State and Commonwealth: The Theory of the State in Early Modern England 1549-1640


Lisa Disch, Review of Linda M. G. Zerilli’s A Democratic Theory of Judgment


Jason K. Duncan, Review of Manlio Graziano’s In Rome We Trust: The Rise of Catholics in American Political Life


Justin Buckley Dyer, Review of Daniel L. Dreisbach’s Reading the Bible with the Founding Fathers


Paul Franco, Review of Aurelian Craiutu’s Faces of Moderation: The Art of Balance in an Age of Extremes


Matthew J. Franck, Review of Kate Elizabeth Brown’s Alexander Hamilton and the Development of American Law


Amy Gais, Review of David Oliver Davies’s Milton’s Socratic Rationalism: The Conversations of Adam and Eve in Paradise Lost


Michael T. Gibbons, Review of Jason Blakely’s Alasdair MacIntyre, Charles Taylor, and the Demise of Naturalism: Reunifying Political Theory and Social Science


Joel A. Johnson, Review of Steven Michels’s Sinclair Lewis and American Democracy 


Claudio J. Katz, Review of Gareth Stedman Jones’s Karl Marx: Greatness and Illusion


Douglas Kries, Review of Alexander Orwin’s Redefining the Muslim Community: Ethnicity, Religion, and Politics in the Thought of Alfarabi


V. Bradley Lewis, Review of Gary A. Remer’s Ethics and the Orator: The Ciceronian Tradition of Political Morality


J. Harvey Lomax, Review of Michael A. Gillespie’s Nietzsche’s Final Teaching 


Mark J. Lutz, Review of Ariel Helfer’s Socrates and Alcibiades: Plato’s Drama of Political Ambition and Philosophy


Keally McBride, Review of Alexander Livingston’s Damn Great Empires? William James and the Politics of Pragmatism 


Stephen McCarthy, Review of Waller R. Newell’s Tyrants: A History of Power, Injustice, and Terror 


Peter McNamara, Review of Kevin Slack’s Benjamin Franklin, Natural Right, and the Art of Virtue


Benjamin Meiches, Review of Edward Weisband’s The Macabresque: Human Violation and Hate in Genocide, Mass Atrocity, and Enemy-Making


Thomas Merrill, Review of Emily C. Nacol’s An Age of Risk: Politics and Economy in Early Modern Britain


Paul D. Moreno, Review of George Klosko’s The Transformation of  American Liberalism


Hina Nazar, Review of John Baltes’s The Empire of Habit: John Locke, Discipline, and the Origins of Liberalism


Johan Olsthoorn, Review of Jeremy Seth Geddert’s Hugo Grotius and the Modern Theology of Freedom: Transcending Natural Rights


Mariya Y. Omelicheva, Review of Alexander Dukalskis’s The Authoritarian Public Sphere: Legitimation and Autocratic Powers in North Korea, Burma, and China


James R. Otteson, Review of Nathan B. Oman’s The Dignity of Commerce:  Markets and the Moral Foundations of Contract Law


J. Judd Owen, Review of Christopher Scott McClure’s Hobbes and the Artifice of Eternity


Hosffman Ospino, Review of John Francis Burke’s Building Bridges, Not Walls: Nourishing Diverse Cultures in Faith


Joshua Parens, Review of Heinrich Meier’s Political Philosophy and the Challenge of Revealed Religion Translated by Robert Berman


Emma Planinc, Review of Laura Ephraim’s Who Speaks for Nature: On the Politics of Science


Andrea Radasanu, Review of Andrew Scott Bibby’s Montesquieu’s Political Economy and Brian Singer’s Montesquieu and the Discovery of the Social


Paul Seaton, Review of Thomas S. Hibbs’s Wagering on an Ironic God: Pascal on Faith and Philosophy


Michael J. Seidler, Review of Ben Holland’s The Moral Person of the State: Pufendorf, Sovereignty and Composite Polities


Marlene K. Sokolon, Review of Jill Locke’s Democracy and the Death of Shame: Political Equality and Social Disturbance


Jeffrey Spring, Review of Benjamin Gregg’s The Human Rights State: Justice within and beyond Sovereign Nations


Thomas A. Stapleford, Review of Joseph Postell’s Bureaucracy in America: The Administrative State’s Challenge to Constitutional Government


David Tucker, Review of  Dustin Gish and Daniel Klinghard’s Thomas Jefferson and the Science of Republican Government: A Political Biography of Notes on the State of Virginia


Michael M. Uhlmann, Review of David M. O’Brien’s Justice Robert H. Jackson’s Unpublished Opinion in Brown v. Board:  Conflict, Compromise and Constitutional Interpretation


Justin S. Vaughn, Review of Russell L. Riley’s Inside the Clinton White House: An Oral History


Mary Walsh, Review of Lori Jo Marso’s Politics with Beauvoir: Freedom in the Encounter


Lee Ward, Review of Michael Brown’s The Irish Enlightenment


Gregory Weiner, Review of Luke Mayville’s John Adams and the Fear of American Oligarchy


Paul T. Wilford, Review of Terry Pinkard’s Does History Make Sense?: Hegel on the Historical Shapes of Justice


Caleb Yong, Review of A. John Simmons’s Boundaries of Authority


Hayrettin Yücesoy, Review of Hüseyin Yılmaz’s Caliphate Redefined: The Mystical Turn in Ottoman Political Thought


Christopher Zurn, Review of Serdar Tekin’s Founding Acts: Constitutional Origins in a Democratic Age