Articles Volume 83 

Richard Avramenko and Brianne Wolf (Open Access) open lock icon
Disciplining the Rich: Tocqueville on Philanthropy and Privilege

Christine J. Basil
Justice Speaks: Nemesis, Nature, and Common Law in Aristotle's Rhetoric

Adrian Blau
How Should We Categorize Approaches to the History of Political Thought?

Matthew Dinan
Kierkegaard's Socratic Alternative to Hegel in Fear and Trembling

Yiftah Elazar
Adam Smith on Impartial Patriotism

Salih Emre Gerçek 
Alexis de Tocqueville’s Reluctant “Democratic Language”

Ryan Patrick Hanley
Distance Learning: Political Education in the Persian Letters

Sara Henary
Anthony Trollope: Novelist of the “Democratic Revolution”

Lisa Herzog (Open Access) open lock icon
Old Facts, New Beginnings: Thinking with Arendt about Algorithmic Decision-Making

Christopher Holman
“That Democratic Ink Must Be Wiped Away”: Hobbes and the Normativity of Democracy

Alexander Latham-Gambi 
Jeremy Waldron and the Circumstances of Politics

Thornton Lockwood
Aristotle’s Politics on Greeks and Non-Greeks

John P. McCormick
Aristocratic Insolenzia and the Role of Senates in Machiavelli's Mixed Republic

Ross Mittiga
Ranking the Regimes in Aristotle’s Politics: The Four-principles Approach

Christopher Nadon
Leo Strauss’ First Brush with Xenophon: ‘The Spirit of Sparta or the Taste of Xenophon

Nathan Pippenger
The Shadows of the Past and the Work of the Future: Frederick Douglass's Temporal Theory of Democracy

Matthew Sharpe
On Politics, Irony, and Plato's Socrates as Derrida's Pharmakon

Lee Ward (Open Access) open lock icon
Trust and Distributive Justice in John Locke's Politics of Money

Samuel Garrett Zeitlin (Open Access) open lock icon
Francis Bacon on Imperial and Colonial Warfare

Symposium Volume 83 

A Symposium on Tongdong Bai's Against Political Equality: The Confucian Case


Sungmoon Kim, Introduction

Hui-chieh Loy, Between Philosophy and Political Reality

Russell Arben Fox, Bai's Confucianism and the Problem of Urban Modernity

Alan Patten, Democracy or Hierarchy?

Sungmoon Kim, Liberalism without Democracy?

Tongdong Bai, Response: Confucianism to Correct the Excesses of Democracy and Nation-State

Jeremy Fortier, The Challenge of Nietzsche: How to Approach His Thought 


Jeremy FortierIntroduction

Rebecca BamfordFree Spirits and Experimentation

Paul FrancoFrom Free Spirit to Zarathustra?

Rebecca Aili PloofOn Hearing Nietzsche and Nietzsche on Being Heard

Graham Parkes, Becoming Good Neighbors to the Nearest Things

Jeremy FortierResponse

Book Reviews Volume 83 

Francis J. Beckwith, Review of Richard Berquist:  From Human Dignity to Natural Law: An Introduction

Michael C. BehrentReview of Carl Raschke:  Neoliberalism and Political Theology: From Kant to Identity Politics

Jeff J.S. Black, Review of Lise van Boxel: Warspeak: Nietzsche's Victory over Nihilism

Aryel Botwinick, Review of Lucy Cane:  Sheldon Wolin and Democracy: Seeing through Loss

Nicholas CapaldiReview of Wayne Cristaudo:  Idolizing the Idea: Critical History of Modern Philosophy

Joshua L. Cherniss, Review of Edward Hall: Value, Conflict, and Order: Berlin, Hampshire, Williams, and the Realist Revival in Political Theory

Paul Clements, Review of Daniele Botti:  John Rawls and American Pragmatism: Between Engagement and Avoidance

Laurence Cooper, Review of Michael Davis: The Music of Reason: Rousseau, Nietzsche, Plato

Mihaela Czobor-Lupp, Review of David Arndt:  Arendt on the Political

Justin DyerReview of Lee J. Strang:  Originalism’s Promise: A Natural Law Account of the American Constitution  

Gianna EnglertReview of Tracy B. Strong:  Learning One’s Native Tongue: Citizenship, Contestation, and Conflict in America

Jason Ferrell, Review of George Crowder:  The Problem of Value Pluralism: Isaiah Berlin and Beyond

Jean Paul Gagnon, Hélène Landemore: Open Democracy: Reinventing Popular Rule for the Twenty-First Century

Venelin I. GanevReview of Phillip W. Gray:  Vanguardism: Ideology and Organization in Totalitarian Politics

Jonathan GondelmanReview of Paul A. Rahe:  Sparta’s First Attic War: The Grand Strategy of Classical Sparta 478-446 B.C.

Katy J. Harriger, Review of Mark Tushnet: Taking Back the Constitution: Activist Judges and the Next Age of American Law

Ann Hartle, Review of Pierre Manent:  Montaigne: Life without Law. Translated by Paul Seaton

Kimberly Hurd Hale, Review of Joshua Foa Dienstag:  Cinema Pessimism: A Political Theory of Representation and Reciprocity 

Michael Hawley, Review of Cary J. Nederman: The Bounds of Humanity: Cicero’s Legacies in European Social and Political Thought, ca. 1100-ca. 1550

Säde HormioReview of Alasia Nuti:  Injustice and the Reproduction of  History: Structural Inequalities, Gender and Redress

Seth JaffeReview of Gerald M. Mara:  Between Specters of War and Visions of Peace: Dialogic Political Theory and the Challenges of Politics 

Paul E. Kirkland, Review of Keith Ansell-Pearson and Rebecca Bamford: Nietzsche's “Dawn”: Philosophy, Ethics, and the Passion of Knowledge

Aaron LeyReview of Kimberly K. Smith:  The Conservation Constitution: The Conservation Movement and Constitutional Change, 1870-1930

S.A. Lloyd, Review of Sean Fleming: Leviathan on a Leash: A Theory of State Responsibility

Mark Lutz, Review of Eli Friedland:  The Spartan Drama of Plato's “Laws”

Morag McDermont, Review of Davina Cooper:  Feeling Like a State: Desire, Denial, and the Recasting of Authority

Thomas Meredith, Review of Steven F. Pittz: Recovering the Liberal Spirit: Nietzsche, Individuality, and Spirituality

Peter MinowitzReview of Ryan Patrick Hanley:  Our Great Purpose: Adam Smith on Living a Better Life

Ryan Mitchell, Review of Daniel A. Bell and Wang Pei:  Just Hierarchy: Why Social Hierarchies Matter in China and the Rest of the World

Michael Mosher, Review of Trevor Shelley: Globalization and Liberalization: Montesquieu, Tocqueville, and Manent

Ryan Muldoon, Review of David Estlund: Utopophobia: On the Limits (If Any) of Political Philosophy

Jason NeidlemanReview of John T. Scott Rousseau’s Reader: Strategies of Persuasion and Education

Davide PanagiaReview of Jeremy Arnold:  Across the Great Divide: Between Analytic and Continental Political Theory

Anthony A. PeacockMichael S. Kochin and Michael Taylor: An Independent Empire: Diplomacy and War in the Making of the United States

Joseph Postell, Review of Cass R. Sunstein and Adrian Vermeule:  Law and Leviathan: Redeeming the Administrative State

Bradley Rebeiro, Review of Simon J. Gilhooley: The Antebellum Origins of the Modern Constitution: Slavery and the Spirit of the American Founding

Bernd Renner, Review of Timothy Haglund:  Rabelais’s Contempt for Fortune: Pantagruelism, Political and Philosophy 

Carl RichardReview of Tim Stuart-Buttle:  From Moral Theology to Moral Philosophy: Cicero and Visions of Humanity from Locke to Hume 

Christopher RobinsonReview of John G. Gunnell:  Conventional Realism and Political Inquiry: Channeling Wittgenstein 

Joel Alden Schlosser, Review of Tae-Yeoun Keum: Plato and the Mythic Tradition in Political Thought

Gerald Schwedler, Review of Arthur Bradley: Unbearable Life: A Genealogy of Political Erasure

Steven C. Skultety, Review of George Duke: Aristotle and Law: The Politics of Nomos

Devin StaufferReview of Jeffrey R. Collins:  In the Shadow of Leviathan: John Locke and the Politics of Conscience

Robert StoneReview of Paul A. Rahe: Sparta: Second Attic War: The Grand Strategy of Classical Sparta, 446–418 B.C.

Benjamin StoreyReview of Michael Locke McLendon:  The Psychology of Inequality: Rousseau’s Amour-Propre

Leslie Paul Thiele, Review of Kathryn Sikkink: The Hidden Face of Rights: Toward a Politics of Responsibilities

Julia Adeney Thomas, Review of Joel Alden Schlosser:  Herodotus in the Anthropocene

John Thrasher, Review of James Lindley Wilson: Democratic Equality

Simon TownsendReview of Jeffrey Metzger:  The Rise of Politics and Morality in Nietzsche’s Genealogy: From Chaos  to Conscience

John von HeykingReview of Paul Ludwig:  Rediscovering Political Friendship: Aristotle’s Theory and Modern Identity, Community, and Equality

Amy E. Wendling, Review of Marcello Musto: The Last Years of Karl Marx: An Intellectual Biography

Ives Winter, Review of Elizabeth Frazer and Kimberly Hutchings: Violence and Political Theory

Louise Wise, Review of Benjamin Meiches:  The Politics of Annihilation: A Genealogy of Genocide

Robert Wyllie, Review of David Walsh:  The Priority of the Person: Political, Philosophical, and Historical Discoveries