Articles Volume 86

Sandrine Baume (Open Access) open lock icon
Carl Schmitt's Multifaceted Rejection of Political Compromises

Eoin Daly (Open Access) open lock icon
Integration Referendums as Expressions of Constituent Power: Ireland as a Case Study

Giunia Gatta (Open Access) open lock icon
“There Is a Corpse in the Room”: On Political Guilt and Reparation of the Past

Sungmoon Kim
Disaster, Heaven, and Political Responsibility: Mencius and Dong Zhongshu on Humane Government

Antis Loizides (Open Access) open lock icon
“The Teacher of Teachers”: James Mill and the Education of John Stuart Mill

Malik Mufti
Nietzsche, the Muslim Falāsifa, and Leo Strauss's Avicennan Turn

Felix Steilen (Open Access) open lock icon
Juan Donoso Cortés and Political Theology

Candace Terman (Open Access) open lock icon
"Judgments of Nature”: James Wilson's Natural-Law Jurisprudence

Symposia Volume 86

A Symposium on Rob Goodman's Words on Fire: Eloquence and Its Conditions

Rob Goodman (Open Access) open lock icon

Joy Connolly
Cicero on Plurality and Persuasion

Matthew Landauer (Open Access) open lock icon
The Conditions of Eloquence

Cary J. Nederman (Open Access) open lock icon
Wisdom Up in Flames

Torrey Shanks (Open Access) open lock icon
Making Rhetoric Risky for Democracy

Rob Goodman (Open Access) open lock icon
Author's Response

A Symposium on Deva Woodly's Reckoning: Black Lives Matter and the Democratic Necessity of Social Movements

Deva R. Woodly (Open Access) open lock icon

Erica Chenoweth
The Democratic Necessity of Reckoning

Juliet Hooker (Open Access) open lock icon
Reckoning with the Past, Imagining the Future

Erin R. Pineda
A Democratic Reckoning?

Andrew Dilts (Open Access) open lock icon
Cultivating Abolitionist Despair

Elizabeth Jordie Davies (Open Access) open lock icon
On Black Radical Feminist Pragmatism

Deva R. Woodly (Open Access) open lock icon
Author's Response

Book Review Essays Volume 86

Daniel E. Burns
A New Approach to Augustine's Dialogues

Book Reviews Volume 86

Chris Barker, Review of Robin J. Varma, Ruling Bodies

Pedro Cardim and Nuno Gonçalo Monteiro, Political Thought in Portugal and its Empire, c. 1500–1800

Amy Chandran, Review of Christopher Holman, Hobbes and the Democratic Imaginary

Mark R. Cheathem, Review of Alex Zakaras, The Roots of American Individualism

Robin Douglass, Review of John T. Scott, Rousseau's God

Luke Foster, Review of Emily Finley, The Ideology of Democratism

Michael Freeden, Concealed Silences and Inaudible Voices in Political Thinking

Martin Heidegger and Karl Löwith, Correspondence: 1919–1973.

Michael Lamb, A Commonwealth of Hope: Augustine's Political Thought

Johnathan O'Neill, Conservative Thought and American Constitutionalism since the New Deal

Philip Pettit, The State

Daniel Philpott, Review of Christopher Peys, Reconsidering Cosmopolitanism and Forgiveness

Dennis C. Rasmussen, The Constitution's Penman: Gouverneur Morris and the Creation of America's Basic Charter

Sarah Reckhow, Review of Emma Saunders-Hastings, Private Virtues, Public Vices

Mathias Risse, Political Theory of the Digital Age: Where Artificial Intelligence Might Take Us

Raúl Rodríguez, Review of David A. Eisenberg, Nietzsche and Tocqueville on the Democratization of Humanity

Denise Schaeffer, Review of Paul Franco, Rousseau, Nietzsche, and the Image of the Human

Josh Simons, Algorithms for the People: Democracy in the Age of AI

Moryam VanOpstal, An Ancient Guide to Good Politics: A Literary and Ethical Reading of Cicero's “De Re Publica”