Forthcoming in the Next issue of ROP Volume 84 Issue 4 Fall 2022

Author: Kelli Brown

Journals with Volume Blurred


Ella Street, Judgment in the 4th Century BCE Athenian Courts as Anti-Tragedy: Demosthenes’ On the Crown 

Timothy Brennan, Teaching by Contradictions: Montesquieu’s Subversion of Piety in The Spirit of the Laws

Nazmul Sultan, Moral Empire and the Global Meaning of Gandhi’s Anti-Imperialism 

Nasser Behnegar, Devin Stauffer, Christopher Nadon, and Rafael Major, From Laslett to Waldmann: The Case for Reconsidering Strauss on Locke  

A Symposium on The Climate of History in a Planetary Age by Dipesh Chakrabaty. Contributors include:  Andrew Ollett, Brooke A. Ackerly,  Adom Getachew, and Jennifer Pitts, with a response by Dipesh Chakrabaty.