Thank you to our peer reviewers!

Author: Kelli Brown

Peer Review Photo Clapping Hands

The editors of The Review of Politics thank the following individuals for their expert assistance in evaluating manuscripts for publication. They have freely served not only the journal but also the authors and the academy more generally, without recognition or recompense.

We also appreciate the contribution of those who, although unable to review a particular manuscript, suggest names of other experts. That is also a valuable service.
Members of the editorial board also regularly review for the journal, and we thank them too.
Brooke Ackerly, Peter Adamson, Ian Almond, Lucas Angioni, Alec Arellano, Barbara Arneil, Jed Atkins, Robert Bolton, Charlie Briggs, Faviola Castro, Jo Ann Cavallo, Danielle Charette, Anna Christensen, Jeffrey Church, Kody Cooper, Greg Conti, Michael Coppedge, Sean Coyle, George Crowder, Francesco Di Iorio, Michael Elliott David Elstein, Jeremy Fortier, Michael Freeden, Paul Goldin, Peter Groff, Eirik Harris, Anthony Hatzistavrou, Christine Henderson, Montserrat Herrero, Lisa Hill, Nancy Hirschmann, David Janssens, Jim Jose, Evan Keeling, Michael Kochin, Rita Koganzon, Brian Kogelmann, Simon Kow, Melissa Lane, Zhuoyao Li, Martin Loughlin, Roxanne Marcotte, Sophie Marcotte Chenard, Spencer McKay, Dale Miller, Christopher Moore, Alessandro Mulieri, Thomas Mulligan, Michael Munger, Cary Nederman, Jason Neidleman, Tacuma Peters, Lars Rensmann, Paul Sagar, Henrique Schneider, Sid Simpson, Craig Smith, Steven B. Smith, Kathleen Sullivan, Nicholas Tampio, Roy Tsao, William Turpin, Ernesto Verdeja, Mats Volberg, Fabio Wolkenstein, Robert Wyllie, Mahmoud Youness, Elena Ziliotti, Eduardo Zimmerman.