Upcoming Issue: Fall 2019

Author: Kelli Brown

Journals on Shelf

Volume 81 * Issue 4 * Fall 2019

Eric Cheng, “Aristotelean Realism:  Political Friendship and the Problem of Stability”

Alexandra Oprea, “Pluralism and the General Will:  The Roman and Spartan Models in Rousseau’s Social Contract”

Kevin Pham, “Phan Chu Trinh’s Democratic Confucianism”

William Bosworth and Keith Dowding, “The Cambridge School and Kripke: Bug Detecting with the History of Political Thought”

Symposium:  Cecile Laborde, Liberalism's Religion, Contributors include, Melissa S. Williams, Micah Schwartzmann, Lori Watson, Avia Pasternak, Mark Storslee, with a response by Laborde

. . . and book reviews