Book Review Guidelines

The typical book review in ROP runs from 900 to 1200 words, and we encourage reviewers not to exceed the 1200 word limit. Reviews should include a clear summary of the book's thought or argument and, equally important, a critical assessment of the book in light of the existing literature or some other useful frame of reference.

The book review section is one of ROP's major strengths. Books reviewed--about 60 per year--and reviewers are selected with care. Our hope is to continue a tradition of book reviewing marked by the excellence of both literary style and analysis.

A Review should be headed with a bibliographic citation for the book including the author, title, location of publica­tion, publisher, date, and number of pages of both the front material and the main text. Note the following examples:

John Finnis, Joseph M. Boyle, Jr. and Germain Grisez: Nuclear Deterrence, Morality, and Reality. (Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 1987. Pp. xv, 429.)

Gregory S. Kavka: Moral Paradoxes of Nuclear Deter­rence. (Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press, 1987. Pp. xii, 243.)

The review should be typewritten (double space). All quota­tions must be brief and left in the body of the text. Footnotes are not used in reviews; please incorpo­rate bibliographic references into the text itself, giving a full citation except for the place of publica­tion. All quotations from the book reviewed should be followed by the page number from which they have been taken; for example, (81). For further information regarding the require­ments and traditions of style, please check a back copy of ROP.

Place your name and university affiliation at the end of the review exactly as you want it to appear. Please submit your review via Scholar One or e-mail attachment in Microsoft Word document format to e-mail

Submission of a review to ROP will constitute your guarantee that the review has not appeared or will not appear elsewhere unless released by ROP. Relevant to our identification of contributors, please include in your communication with us, a couple of sentences of current information on your position and activities, and do inform ROP of any changes in position or institutional affiliation prior to publication of your review.

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